We specialize in Cosmetic Medicine.  It's our passion. Our focus.  And our drive.  You can feel it from the moment you step into our Clinic.  And you can see it in everything we do. We want you to get the best results we can offer you, and we want to do it safely. 

We want you to feel beautiful again.


Our Story

The Kanata Skin Clinic was created by Dr. Erik Hegmann in 2004.  

He loved his work as a family physician.   He felt honoured that his patients let him into the darkest corners of their lives.  He was humbled that they trusted him with their deepest fears.  And he did his best to help them. 

But the long hours and overbearing stress of carrying the weight of so many of his patients' problems were taking it's toll.  He needed a creative outlet for the relentless demands of his practice.  Yet still, he loved his craft.  He never wanted to give that up.

The Kanata Skin Clinic offers the perfect counterpoint to his family practice.  It offers the reward of helping people to feel better to feel more beautifulabout themselves.  It gives him the opportunity to relax and express his creativity. And it still allows him to employ all of the medical training, knowledge and skill, which he loves so much.

Today, the Kanata Skin Clinic is thriving.  Under the guidance of Dr. Hegmann, it has become one of the most trusted Clinics in Ottawa for Laser Hair Removal, Botox® Cosmetic, and other skin rejuvenating treatments with a large and loyal clientele.


Our People