Laser Hair Removal Ottawa

For Safe, Effective, Long-Lasting Results

Laser Hair Removal is the fastest and most effective way to remove larger areas of unwanted hair. And the results are long-lasting.

All laser hair removal treatments in Ottawa at the Kanata Skin Clinic are performed by professional, fully-qualified Medical Aestheticians and supervised by Dr. Erik Hegmann, M.D. who is on-site and supervising at all times.  So you know you'll be getting the safest, most effective treatment possible. 

….And if any questions or concerns arise, Dr. Hegmann will be there to take care of you.

The Kanata Skin Clinic uses the Vectus™ Laser

The new Vectus™ diode laser offers faster, safer and more comfortable laser hair removal in Ottawa

The new Vectus™ diode laser offers faster, safer and more comfortable laser hair removal in Ottawa

Specifically designed for Laser Hair Removal, the Vectus™ offers the newest advances in diode laser technology.  The Vectus is:

  • Faster, especially for larger areas

  • More Powerful, so you'll need fewer treatments to achieve even better long-term results

  • More Comfortable, than older technologies. In fact, it's almost pain-free.

  • Safer, than most other lasers

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos

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How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will laser hair removal work for me?

Unfortunately, Laser Hair Removal will not work for everyone. Laser Hair Removal depends on the darker hair absorbing the light and the lighter skin reflecting it. Therefore, if your skin is too dark, it may absorb too much of the light energy, putting you at risk of burns.

Similarly, if your hair is too light, it will not absorb enough energy to destroy the hair follicle. For example, laser hair removal will not work on white, light grey or red hair.

In these cases, Epilfree or electrolysis are good alternatives. Our aestheticians can let you know which would be best for you.

In rare instances, some candidates have an underlying medical condition which causes Laser Hair Removal to be ineffective. Dr. Hegmann would be able to investigate this for you.

+ Why do I need more than one treatment?

Each hair goes though three distinct phases in its life cycle: The growth phase (when the hair is actively growing), a resting phase, and then the hair falls out and a new hair begins to grow in the follicle.

Laser Hair Removal requires the hair in the shaft to transmit heat down to the hair follicle. Therefore, Laser Hair Removal is most effective when the hair is in the active growth phase. Since each hair is at a different stage in the cycle, several treatments must be performed to effectively treat every hair follicle.

+ Does laser hair removal hurt?

The amount of discomfort you feel will depend on a number of factors including:

  1. The type of laser being used.

Some lasers are known to be more painful than others. Our Cynosure Vectus™ diode laser offers Avanced Contact Cooling Technology to minimize discomfort.

  1. The skill of the technician.

Some technicians are more considerate of the client's comfort than others and have helpful techniques to make their client's treatment more enjoyable

  1. Your individual tolerance level.

  2. The amount of hair in the area.

Laser Hair Removal works by hair transmitting heat down to the hair follicle. Therefore, the more hair there is to absorb the light, the more heat you will feel.

  1. The area being treated.

Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. For example, the upper lip is known to be quite sensitive.

  1. The time of the month.

Women tend to be more sensitive as they approach their periods.

+ How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser Hair Removal is usually sold per treatment, or as a package of 6 treatments at a discounted rate. The reason for this is that you will need a series of treatments to get the maximum benefit. We want you to have the best result possible, so we encourage you to buy the package.

+ Do I have to be a certain age for laser hair removal?

Yes. Because the hormone levels are changing rapidly in adolescents, we cannot guarantee results for Laser Hair Removal for young people. We encourage you to wait until you are at least 16 years old before beginning treatment in order to ensure effective, lasting results.

Why we chose the Cynosure Vectus™ Diode Laser


  • Safety

Skintel™ Melanin Reader

Skintel™ Melanin Reader

The Vectus™ diode laser is the only Laser Hair Removal System available that offers the patented Skintel™ Melanin Reader. This device measures the actual amount of melanin in your skin before each treatment, so the settings can be tailored precisely to your needs.

For example, if you had spent a lot of time in the sun since your last treatment, your skin will be more tanned. If the settings on the laser are not adjusted to account for your tan, you run the risk of being burned.

The Skintel™ will record a higher level of melanin in your skin, and the laser settings will be adjusted accordingly. This will ensure you receive a safe treatment every time, while still maximizing its effectiveness. 
**No other Laser Hair Removal system available today can offer you this level of protection.

  • Power

The Vectus™ diode laser is the most powerful Laser Hair Removal System available. 
More power means each treatment will be more effective. And you will require fewer treatments.

  • Comfort

The Cynosure's patented Advanced Contact Cooling™ system, cools the skin continuously during your treatment. For a safer, more comfortable treatment.

  • Leading-Edge Technology

Cynosure Medical Technologies is recognized as a world-leader in the research and development of cosmetic lasers. Many major advances in laser technology have been based on Cynosure research.
This means you're getting the best laser hair removal treatment available.


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