(Full Disclosure)

Who I am

I work at the Kanata Skin Clinic.  Whenever a new product or treatment comes out, we (the staff) are often the first to try them.
We are the Guinea Pigs.
People are always asking us "What's it Like?", when they're thinking about having a certain treatment or trying a new product.   And we are happy to tell them.  We know it really helps to hear about it from someone who has actually tried it.
That's why I created "The Guinea Pig Report".  
Because I thought you'd like to know, too.

Who I Am Not

I am not a doctor.
I am not a medical aesthetician.
I am not giving you advice on what treatment is right for you.
I am  not telling you the results that you will see.  Everyone is different.  Everyone's results will differ.
I can only tell you about what it was like for me.
I am just a Guinea Pig.

If you would like to learn more about a product or service that I mentioned, and find out if it would be right for you, please contact us to book a personal consultation with Dr. Hegmann.