Laser Hair Removal

I've had a lot of Laser Hair Removal.  In many different areas.

How does it feel?   It's a little hard to describe.  It feels kind of "zappy".  You feel the zap more in some areas than others.  I found my upper lip and bikini area were the most sensitive, and my lower legs were the least.  

It was weird, though, because one underarm seemed to feel it more than the other.  And you might really feel the zap in one spot, but not feel it at all right beside.
I found that if some of the zaps were a little hard to take, the aesthetician would leave the handpiece on the area a little longer afterwards, so the tip of the handpiece could cool it down.  The machine keeps the tip very cold, so this was really soothing.

Afterwards, I was surprised to see that the hairs still seemed to be there - and they seemed thicker and darker than before!  I was told this was normal.  After a few days, the hairs fell out, and I didn't see any hair for a few weeks.

Each time, the hair grew back finer and lighter than before, until it got to the point where I no longer noticed it.

If I could give one bit of advice, though, it would be:  Stick with the program!  

Keep to the schedule that the aesthetician gives you.  It is designed to give you maximum results. Since I work here, I did not really have scheduled treatments.  Just whenever they could fit me in.  As a result, I don't think I got the maximum benefit and think I could probably go for a couple more treatments in some areas.  But I'll have to wait until they can fit me in.  That's the life of a Guinea Pig.