I never thought I needed photorejuvenation.  As far as I could tell, my colouring was good enough.  The only reason I had a treatment was because we had hired a new medical aesthetician.  Although she had received general training in photorejuvenation, she needed practice on our machine.  And so I was the guinea pig.

The treatment was O.K.  It did feel a little "zappy", and some areas were more sensitive than others - especially around the nose and upper lip - but overall it was quite tolerable.  I thought the continuously-cooled tip was a nice touch, though.  It helped to cool the skin throughout the treatment.

For this treatment, you are required to wear goggles that are like swimming goggles, but are completely opaque.  I couldn't see anything.  I felt a little vulnerable, lying there on the chair, blind, with a noisy machine beside me.  (What are they going to do to me?) So I really appreciated that the medical aestheticians took the time to explain what they were doing before they did it.  It was a nice touch and made it feel much less intimidating.

Much to my surprise, about a week later, my skin did seem to look more even-toned and luminous.  Even though I didn't think I needed any help in the first place!


Since Dr. Hegmann upgraded his machine to the Palomar Icon, all clients receiving are given a topical anaesthetic prior to having a photorejuvenation treatment.  This completely numbs the skin, thus making the treatment even more comfortable.