Fractional Laser

I have not had an actual Frational Laser treatment, but I did try out the non-ablative fractional laser on the back of my hands, just so I could tell people what it felt like.

So what does it feel like?  Well, this may sound strange, but it feels exactly the way you would expect it to feel,  if you've read the description about how it works.  

Only it's hard to imagine what that's like beforehand, so I'll try to describe it further:    It feels like a bunch of extremely fine pin-pricks of heat, barely penetrating your skin.  I really didn't find it that bad, although you definitely felt the second pass more than the first.

After the treatment, the backs of my hands were pink and swollen and sensitive.  The swelling and redness was gone within a day, but the backs of my hands were sensitive to hot water for a few days afterwards.

I was only trying it out the non-ablative fractional laser to see how it felt and did not complete a whole course of treatment.


Since Dr. Hegmann upgraded his machine to the Palomar Icon, all clients receiving are given a topical anaesthetic prior to having a Fractional Laser treatment.  This completely numbs the skin, thus making the treatment even more comfortable.