I was the guinea pig they used to demonstrate the HydraFacial Machine to Dr. Hegmann before he bought it.  I had had microdermabrasion treatments before and was expecting something similar, but this was nothing like that.

The treatment felt just like a traditional spa-like facial.  It was relaxing and enjoyable.  The room was darkened.  There was relaxing spa-like music.  And the bed was warm and comfortable.  

Except for the quiet hum of the machine working, and a sort of slurpy, sucking sound as the solutions are applied to your skin and the dirt and debris is vacuumed off,  I would have thought I was having a traditional facial at a spa.

But  what I was really thinking was:  "There's no way this could possibly be more effective than a microdermabrasion.  It's way too enjoyable.  And I don't feel any of the scratching or scraping that you get during a micro. treatment.  It can't be doing anything!"

But afterwards, there was no question that I'd had a treatment -  and a very vigorous one.  My skin was pink and glowing, and it felt fresh and clean and invigorated.  It was great!

My only regret is that, working here, I rarely have the luxury of having a HydraFacial™.  When I'm here, I'm working and our clients, of course, take priority.  

But the results are cumulative.  In other words, after one HydraFacial, your skin feels absolutely wonderful, but the effect only lasts for a few days.  If you keep having them regularly, your skin will stay that way.  I only wish I could have them regularly.