Working here, I have had the opportunity to have filler treatments in several different areas of my face.  There's a lot to tell.  So, to keep it simple, I have broken it up into sections:

1.  Lips
I had never been thrilled with the size of my lips, especially my upper lip.  To me, it always seemed to be too small - almost invisible.  I avoided bright lipstick colours, as they only seemed to emphasize how small and flat my lips were.  So this was the first area I had treated as soon as the opportunity came up.

The result was very subtle, I don't think anyone would have really noticed, but I sure did.  My lips were much fuller, more shapely and well-defined.  And I loved that they still looked very natural and in-proportion with the rest of my face.  I started to wear brighter lipstick just to show them off!

2.  Circles Under the Eyes
A while ago, I began to notice the hollow bags under my eyes.  It didn't matter how much concealer I  used, it still looked like I had dark circles under my eyes, making me look tired and old.  So I volunteered to be a "demo patient" for Dr. Hegmann during one of his training sessions.

I loved the result!  The fillers subtly filled out the hollows so that you didn't notice them anymore.  Now I don't look so tired.  I still use a little concealer to cover up a bit of dark skin, but the shadows created by the hollow areas are gone.

3.  Cheeks
I had also noticed that my cheeks were beginning to look a little flat.  My cheekbones were becoming more prominent, but the area below them was looking more sunken.  Dr. Hegmann explained that this was due to the loss of fat below the surface of the skin, so I asked if he could use filler to fix this.

The result is, once again, very subtle.  It really just softened out my whole face, giving it a fuller, more youthful look.  I don't think anyone would be able to tell exactly what I had done.  They'd just think I was suddenly looking very young and fresh.  And that's just fine with me!

* One Last Bit of Advice…
The funny thing is, I cannot tell you the number of women who, on finding out where I work, say: "Oh, I would never do anything like that.  It looks so fake!  I just want to look nice and natural - like you."  

Considering how many different treatments I've had, it's hard to know how to reply to that one.  Usually I just smile and nod.  

Ultimately, it's the skill of the doctor that determines how natural the result will be.  Take the time to find a good one.